What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Aug 7, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is a buzzword we find everywhere and coming up in every industry. Just like the name implies, AI refers to computer-based intelligence. AI tries to make computers intelligent by mimicking the cognitive abilities of humans. The broad field of AI includes:

Computer vision: This basically refers to the computer being able to identify objects like humans. Computer vision enables computers to not just think, but to see and understand visual representations. Computer Vision can be applied to various industries, it is currently being used to detect skin conditions and analyze medical imagery.

Natural language processing: This gives computers the ability to read, understand and interpret human language. It helps computers measure sentiment and determine which parts of human language are important. Just the way we speak, listen and understand intonations, computers also try to do this with Natural language processing. Some software that utilizes this technology already includes Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

Facial detection systems: The computer tries to identify human faces just like our brains do

Machine Learning

Have you ever wondered how Netflix so accurately predicts a movie you'll like just because it has access to the previous movies you've watched and liked. If you have, then you have experienced machine learning at work. The machine learning subset of AI covers the statistical part of artificial intelligence. It teaches the computer to solve problems by looking at hundreds or thousands of examples, learning from them, and then using that experience to solve the same problem in new situations. In this case, it looks at other movies you've watched and predicts others you might like.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a very special field of machine learning where computers can actually learn and make intelligent decisions on their own, deep learning involves a deeper level of automation in comparison with most machine learning algorithms. The deep learning algorithms try to imitate the artificial neural networks in the human brain. Deep refers to the layers of networks and algorithms that are required to perform an analysis. This is the technology utilized for Natural language processing and computer visions. A good example is autonomous cars(Tesla), the self-driving feature of Tesla’s is an example of deep learning being implemented.

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